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CLOSED: 4x2 Tickets for m4music's Saturday

We are giving away 4x2 tickets for Saturday, March 23rd, at the m4music Festival. Learn more about the contest.

On Friday and Saturday, March 22nd to 23rd, the m4music Festival again takes place in Zurich. Negative White will be on the ground, covering both days in our festival diary.

And maybe we will see you there as well because we have 4x2 tickets for Saturday to give away. Although there are amazing free entrance shows to enjoy, the ticket opens the doors to even more acts:

  • Hannah Jadagu [Negative White recommends]
  • Ray Laurél
  • BARON.E [Negative White recommends]
  • Julia Alexa
  • Say She She [Negative White recommends]
  • Steintor Herrenchor
  • Bibiza
  • Wa22ermann
  • Barry Can't Swim
  • Nnavy
  • Domiziana
  • Sam Quealy
  • UTO
  • Meg 10
  • Luca Durán

Take Part In The Contest Today

To enter the contest, simply fill out the form below until Wednesday, March 20, 8 pm. The four lucky winners will receive their two tickets via email.

Good luck!

CLOSED: Win A Signed Vinyl of Moyka's «Movies, Cars & Heartbreak»

We got our hands on a signed vinyl of «Movies, Cars & Heartbreak», the 2023 album by Norwegian electro-pop artist Moyka. You can win it here.

In 2023, Moyka released her second album, Movies, Cars & Heartbreak, filled with ten exceptional electro-driven pop songs. Songs like Already Gone or Rear View blend catchy melodies, addictive and danceable beats, and an intriguing melancholy.

Learn more about Moyka in our review of her first concert in Switzerland:

Moyka: Exploring The Fascination
Since her debut single in 2019, the author has repeatedly written about Norwegian pop artist Moyka but has never succeeded in scratching more than the surface.

In the aftermath of her concert, we have obtained a signed vinly edition of Movies, Cars & Heartbreak that we now give away to one of you. Here is how you can participate:

  1. You have to be registered (free) with Negative White.
  2. Fill out the form below until Wednesday, February 21, 8 am.

Closed: 1x2 Tickets for Thumpasaurus

US band Thumpasaurus play their first gig in Switzerland on June 10 at KiFF, Aarau. We're putting your name on the guest list.

Imagine a blend of rock, punk, funk, and jazz—that's what you can expect from Californian outfit Thumpasaurus. The band, formed at USC Thornton's Division of Contemporary Music, plays a sound that defies conventions.

«There are no two songs on this album that sound alike, and yet they all THUMP. These guys are eclectic and often swing in unpredictable directions,» Music-Survival-Guide writes about their album Thumpaverse. But Thumpasaurus also pair their exuberant playfulness always with a truckload of fun—best demonstrated in their hit Struttin'.

With their musical sophistication, Thumpasaurus quickly became a cult indie band that convinces with energetic, escalating live shows. They fill big venues in California, and their first gigs in the UK and Paris were sold out.

Experience Thumpasaurus' first Swiss show

On Saturday, June 10, Thumpasaurus will play their first concert in Switzerland. At KiFF, Aarau, they will deliver an unforgettable and unpredictable experience.

In cooperation with Good News Entertainment, we raffle off 1x2 spots on the guest list. So you and a friend can witness Thumpasaurus' eclectic sound for free.

Here's what you need to do:

  • If you receive this post as an email: Just hit the 👍 at the end, and you're participating in the contest.
  • If you read this post on the web: Write «I'm too funky» in a comment down below.

Deadline for entries: Friday, June 9, 12:00 am. The winner will be informed by email.