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CLOSED: Win A Signed Vinyl of Moyka's «Movies, Cars & Heartbreak»

We got our hands on a signed vinyl of «Movies, Cars & Heartbreak», the 2023 album by Norwegian electro-pop artist Moyka. You can win it here.

In 2023, Moyka released her second album, Movies, Cars & Heartbreak, filled with ten exceptional electro-driven pop songs. Songs like Already Gone or Rear View blend catchy melodies, addictive and danceable beats, and an intriguing melancholy.

Learn more about Moyka in our review of her first concert in Switzerland:

Moyka: Exploring The Fascination
Since her debut single in 2019, the author has repeatedly written about Norwegian pop artist Moyka but has never succeeded in scratching more than the surface.

In the aftermath of her concert, we have obtained a signed vinly edition of Movies, Cars & Heartbreak that we now give away to one of you. Here is how you can participate:

  1. You have to be registered (free) with Negative White.
  2. Fill out the form below until Wednesday, February 21, 8 am.