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Una Noche Más

Edition #92 brings you new tracks by Blanco White, Bombino, Soft Loft, Train Blues Duo, and Sperling.

From familiar voices and names to new acquaintances from Great Britain to Niger's Sahel. You'll discover polished gems, exotic sounds, and raw punches in today's Weekly5.

Train Blues Duo – Nothing Left Open

Tom Paul Fischer's voice doesn't only work for the escalating electro-pop of TOMPAUL. With Train Blues Duo, Fischer and Nici Struchen explore the dusty prairies. Here's a different sound at play: A groovy blues and Western vibe haunts Nothing Left Open. You can feel the vastness, and hear the tumbling weed scratch over the dusty ground.

Blanco White – Una Noche Más

The British indie-folk artist Josh Edwards, alias Blanco White, is about to release his new record Tarifa. Its final herald, Una Noche Más, lives off the simplicity, carried mostly by the ukulele, accompanied by White's delicate voice. Although a song about the difficulty of letting love go, Una Noche Más embraces the pain with healing beauty.

Soft Loft – Rose Colored

A band on the rise: Jorina Stamm's band Soft Loft enters Weekly5 for the third time after Is It Me and Safe Space. Their latest release, Rose Colored, not only justifies it but demonstrates Soft Loft's talent for refined indie-pop songs and their attention to detail. Above the composition, however, shines again Stamm's emotive, vibrato voice. Soft Loft are going places.

Bombino – Ayes Sachen

Niger's first Grammy-nominated musician, Bombino, released his latest album, Sahel. The 43-year-old Tuareg fuses Western rock and blues influences with African tunes to an earthy, meditative result. Ayes Sachen flirts with reggae, blues, and smooth guitar escapades, and while those familiar sounds open the door, an exotic ambience awaits.

Sperling – Verlieren

A composition that compares to FJØRT's punchy wall of sound, and rapping vocals similar to German rapper Casper: It's a powerful combination that post-hardcore band Sperling, hailing from Hunsrück, Germany, promotes. Maybe the lyrics are a tad too teenage angst, but Verlieren has a dark and despairing promise. This heavy sound offers intrigue.

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