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God Complex

Edition #79 heavily leans into new electronic sounds with some rap and indie-pop thrown into the mix.

🎵 About today's curation: You'll find a predominantly electronically driven set of tracks that house a particular sinister or archaic atmosphere. Breaking up the stomping beats are two songs residing in hauntingly beautiful indie-pop and dreamy hip-hop.

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Rue Oberkampf & GEISTHA – Moths

Munich's Rue Oberkampf collaborated with GEISTHA, the non-binary artist featured previously, to create Months, a fusion of their 80s-inspired EBM and GHEISTA's goth pop sound. The result is as melancholic and mysterious as ecstatic and exhilarating—a dark hymn made for the dancefloor.

Panik Deluxe – god complex

Developing from a technoid beat, Panik Deluxe's third single, god complex, wanders off into the night with the deep vastness and restrained anger that is always at the brink of breaking out but never does. There's a fascinating duality in god complex between extending drama and refined minimalism.

1 track album

Soft Loft – Is It Me

Is It Me is the debut single of Swiss artist Jorina Stamm's band project Soft Loft. The subtle composition creates a dreamy yet driven canvas on which Stamm casts a vocal painting of vulnerability, uncertainty, pain, and heartbreak, delivered with haunting urgency and almost despairing emphasis.

Bethan Lloyd – Aria

Welsh artist Bethan Lloyd, whose track Cutting Circuit was featured last December, just released the inscrutable Aria—juxtaposing a fanatic industrial sound with her trance-inducing vocals that wash over the composition like waves. Aria has an ancient quality, a long-forgotten ritual chant catapulted in the 21st century.

Aria, by Bethan Lloyd
track by Bethan Lloyd

Audio Dope & Rome Fortune – Flowers

Swiss producer Audio Dope has been a frequent guest here and teases his next record one last time with the single Flowers. Collaborating with Atlanta-based rapper Rome Fortune, Audio Dope displays the many-sidedness of his tunes which work perfectly in the hip-hop setting while maintaining a sense of wonder and dream.