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Sounds of Dreams

Edition #17 ● GEISTHA, NOTI, Moyka, Alfie Templeman, Stiehler

First, a warm welcome to all the new subscribers who joined our small community of music enthusiasts. I’m honoured to have you on board.

Secondly, aligned with the Weekly5 values, I’ve to apologize for an embarrassing mistake in last week’s edition. I spelt an artist’s name wrong all the time. Manu Delago, not Delgado, performs the song ReCycling. It’s no wonder I couldn’t find the track on Apple Music. However, I corrected the mistake in the newsletter’s web version and added the song to the Apple Music playlist.

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Let’s turn our focus to today’s selection. It’s an assortment of songs that sound like dreams. Sometimes the dreams are dark and sad, sometimes they are beautiful and happy. But never nightmares. Close your eyes and start listening.

GEISTHA – altar

Initially rooted in the techno space, GEISTHA turns with their new single altar to an intriguing mixture of hip-hop and electro-pop, wrapped in a sinister goth atmosphere.

“Gender identity is always a central yet sometimes subversive part of my work. As a non-binary person, I use heartsick songs not only as a coping mechanism but as a gloomy source of self-empowerment,” GEISTHA explains.

GEISTHA’s track is filled with melancholy. At times altar feels like a lead jacket, pulling you downwards into a state of deep sadness. Yet, despite the dark ambience, altar also sounds incredibly cool. The hip-hop vibe is creating a contemporary, cinematic feel. It’s the soundtrack to roam in the nocturnal city streets.

NOTI – letters from nowhere (feat. Sam Himself, Anna Rossinelli)

NOTI’s last single, blossom, was already part of a Weekly5 edition back in March. But with letters from nowhere, the Swiss multi-instrumentalist turns it up big time. It should have been another instrumental track, but the song’s fate changed when Sam Himself and his band, where NOTI plays the lead guitar, came for practice.

NOTI left the studio to get some beers for the band but left the file of letters from nowhere open on the computer. What sounds like a horror story for every data security person is a big win for art. Sam Himself improvised a couple of vocal tracks during NOTI’s beer run.

Thrilled by the result, NOTI doubled down and brought more musicians in. Anna Rossinelli also adds her voice, Georg Dillier his bass, and Domenico Catalano the longing trombone. The whole thing ends up as a fascinating, romantic ballad with a unique soundscape. Simply brilliant.

Moyka – I Don’t Wanna Hold On

We heard last from 23-year-old Moyka back in March when the Norwegian artist released the longing hymn Stay. This year’s second single is called I Don’t Wanna Hold On – a full-fledged studio recording that follows the 2020 demo version.

But if you expect another thrilling Scandinavian-styled pop track, you’re mistaken. With the new single, Moyka presents herself in a different, more calm light. I Don’t Wanna Hold On is a vulnerable ballad driven by a crystal voice.

Although the song is reduced to the max, it still features a hymn-like quality. I Don’t Wanna Hold On swings back and forth between close intimacy and larger-than-life epicness.

Alfie Templeman – One More Day (feat. April)

Alfie Templeman, the 18-year-old newcomer, released his mini-album Forever Isn’t Long Enough on Friday. It features groovy, addicting tracks like Everybody’s Gonna Love Somebody and an unusual facet of the rising British star.

Compared to the other tracks on the record, One More Day is a pure understatement. Together with the Irish newcomer April, Templeman created a warm, smooth soul. He says: “I wanted to make something that sounded like the soundtrack to a sunset. April made the song that extra bit special; her verse and harmonies really complimented the track and helps you to see its context really clearly.”

However, it’s irrelevant whether you feel One More Day sounds like a sunset or a Sunday morning in bed. The track has an impeccable atmosphere anyway, soothing your heart, and instantly provoking a relaxed state of mind.

Stiehler – Meer

German artist Max Prosa describes Sascha Stiehler’s music as “simple and pure, almost conscientious, it carries you through its compositions of graceful beauty.” And he’s certainly right about that.

There’s this instant connection on an emotional level when we hear the piano. Stiehler is described as an exuberant, cheerful person, but as soon as he bows over the 88 keys, he creates a stunning canvas for us to draw. “Your fantasy is my lyrics,” Stiehler says.

Meer (Sea) is the musical embodiment of the ocean. Sometimes calm, sometimes playful and wild, but always expansive and inspiring. It’s a song that fades everything around you into the blurred-out background. It lets you forget about time and space until there’s nothing left but music and eternity.

Next weekend is Ascension. There will be no regular Weekly5. However, I’m preparing another special edition that features five darlings I killed in the curation process. Hopefully, you’ll also find joy in the tracks that didn’t make the cut.

All the best,