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The Weekly5 curation returns for its third season with five freshly curated tracks—from post-punky indie rock to playful grooves and heavy post-metal.

👋 A warm welcome to the first official edition in 2023.

Weekly5 returns for its third year, and for the first time, this carefully curated selection of music is only available to paid subscribers. A big thank you for your support!

Before diving into the songs, I want to highlight a slight change: The descriptions will be slightly shorter than before, as they weren’t perceived as essential in the end-of-year survey.

Also, a short reminder is that the curated tracks are now available as a YouTube music playlist. You can find all the playlist links below.

And now, with no further ado, here are the first five tracks for this year.

Kaufmann Frust – Pausenraum

The German band Kaufmann Frust return with their first single since 2019. Pausenraum, a beautifully balanced indie rock track with post-punk vibes, is fueled by poetic nostalgia and the contrast between its smooth flow and the raw vocal performance.

7ONA LEE – Again

A satirical take on the absurdity of texting. 7ONA LEE’s Again, an ambassador for his debut album, features an addictive groove. But inside this relaxed tune, LEE demonstrates his playfulness as he sprinkles tiny variations and soundbites in the composition.

Frittenbude – Vorbei

Frittenbude have been a staple of German indie music since 2006. Usually profoundly rooted in the melting pot of electropunk and rap, Vorbei is a pretty fast-paced track about the transience, reminiscent of post-punk and indie rock, dominated by an acoustic guitar.

M. ilune – hide

The upcoming Swiss-American LGBTQ+ artist M. ilune has a smooth and evocative voice, which leads us into a universe of beauty, love, and vulnerability. The latest song, hide, is a wonderful and dreamy alt-pop ballad that shimmers and sparkles in the night.

Toushar – Bipolaris (feat. E-L-R)

A dark rumble booms out of Switzerland’s capital: Toushar is a newborn collective from Bern initiated by music veterans Remo Häberli and Philipp Thöni. Bipolaris is a vast and ambient post-metal track that shows its own bipolar nature in the aggressive parts where the voice turns into shouting.

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