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reLISTEN #7: Electronic Excitement

The 7th edition of reLISTEN features tracks that create excitement with their electronic soundscape. Prepare to dance!

There are some people who despise electronic music. "It's just a laptop," they say, neglecting the craft of creating said sounds. Admittingly, it's not the spectacle that a full-blown orchestra or rock band provide. However, electronic music also requires creativity and inspiration to become truly great. More so, many electro-acts started to incorporate more live elements into their shows.

For quite some time, I was also dismissive (or not paying attention) to electronic music. Recently, I enjoy the sounds again regularly—from concrete-hard techno to dreamy electro-pop. These tunes have an unmatched potential on the dancefloor, cathartic qualities that lift your spirit, and generally evoke excitement.

Today, I'll share five tracks that time and time again create said electronic excitement. So turn up the volume, prepare to dance, and enjoy the sonic sunshine.


Roosevelt – Fever

Roosevelt is one of those artists that heavily rely on live performance and pop structures to create his synth-driven electro-pop. The sound of this 31-year-old German musician surely feels more like very soft indie rock than anything else.

Can you really classify Roosevelt as electronic music? I say yes, but it's the kind that anyone can enjoy thanks to his pop influences. And no other track exemplifies this powerful sonic seduction better than Fever. The song starts with a jumpy piano that already builds suspension, the beat kicks in, and then, the craving melody appears; pushing everything else out of the spotlight.

And dammit, Fever is just an incredible banger that brings together the very best of different genres—from rock's groove to electro-pop's addictive nature. It's the blueprint for electronic excitement.

Klain Karoo – Don't Talk

Unfortunately, Klain Karoo ended way too early. The Swiss band only released only two EPs: Lights Down Low with original songs and Remixes with… yeah, you know. Gladly, the angelic voice of Carla Fellinger is back in her solo project Nola Kin whose single Not What You Think a couple of weeks ago.

Back in 2017, I had the honour to host the video premiere of Klain Karoo's single Don't Talk. To this day, the song—together with Stefan Tschumi's psychedelic video—remains an impeccable caleidoscope of electro-pop. Don't Talk, this slightly melancholic love song stands as a monument to Klain Karoo's unfulfilled potential, but also as a staple of the quartet's talent.

But that's also the beauty of music: Despite the fact that Klain Karoo faded away years ago, we can still forever enjoy what they've created. Don't Talk is the perfect opportunity for all romantic hearts and minds out there.

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