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5 Releases From The Bubbling Electronica Scene

This week, Dominik André—DJ, label owner, and editor—introduces us to the bubbling Swiss electronica scene.

Photo: Oriana Prati
Dominik André

Hello! My name is Dominik, and I'm this week's guest curator at Weekly5. I am active in the electronic music scene as a DJ, label owner and editor at, a music magazine focused on DJ and club culture.

Seeing producers, DJs, and labels thrive around me feels great, mainly because I am somehow part of it. With my label Subject To Restrictions Discs, I've been able to release 12 EPs, compilations and albums in the last three years (and more will soon be pressed). I'm happy that the releases are received very well and can be found in shops worldwide.

The ambition to take the music we make here and show it to the world is what the electronic music scene in Switzerland lacked for many years. Now, if you look at the line-up of this year's Melt Festival, you will find a bunch of Swiss artists like Belia Winnewisser, Manuel Fischer, Luca Durán and Atrice. Or you see Mafou's or Noria Lilt's EPs getting the attention of international DJs and radio stations.

It would be no problem to continue the list, but we are here mainly because of the selection of Five. I have decided to present releases that have come to my attention mainly through the work of some of my label colleagues.

Important to say it's not only the labels but also radio stations, clubs, promoters, bookers and so on that prepare the ground for a thriving music scene to develop. At the moment, the soil seems fertile, allowing some to grow into the international spotlight.

However, since I run a label myself, it seems okay to focus not only on the musicians but also on the labels that release the music.

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