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June Recap

Check out five of our favourite tracks in the last couple of Weekly5 editions with ANGER MGMT., Yet No Yokai, Luna Morgenstern, Bully, and Maria Basel.

Today's recap features some of the best picks from the past couple of Weekly5 editions to give you a taste of what you've been missing.

Indulge in the heavy, fast-paced noise of Swiss trio ANGER MGMT. or dive into the dreamy-psychedelic ambience of Yet No Yokai.

Then, Luna Morgenstern awaits you with a magic blend of UK Garage and captivating pop melodies while Bully spreads a punkish rock vibe. Finally, Maria Basel brings you down again with her hauntingly beautiful composition.

ANGER MGMT. – Don't Blame It On Me

The trio ANGER MGMT., hailing from Winterthur, Switzerland, are Weekly5 veterans. Their track This Is It was featured in 2022. Now, the band has released their debut album, Anger Is Energy, and Don't Blame It on Me is a perfect example of their explosive sound that is as catchy as bold and untamed. It sounds like PG-13 pop-punk entered puberty and made dangerous new friends.

Yet No Yokai – Aufzug / Liebe Liebe

After years of playing and recording music, it's finally here: Wir Sind Da, the debut album of Switzerland's psychedelic rock heroes Yet No Yokai. As already hinted in Nebelmeer, the record is a blast of explorative, expansive Krautrock, and one of these highlights is the album's closer, Aufzug / Liebe Liebe. The track, starting heavy but then led by mesmerising rhythmic guitar and ancient drumming, explodes into infinity and beyond. It's a timelessly great song of transformative stamina.

Read our review of Wir Sind Da:

Kaleidoscopic Odyssey
We had to wait a while for Yet No Yokai’s debut album. However, the result is so powerful it could kickstart a dead star while proving: Rock isn’t just dead yet.

Luna Morgenstern – Jealous

Featured in 2021 with the pop ballad In My Head, newcomer Luna Morgenstern has grown a steady following since. And on her new EP, Dance Dance (Don't Go), Morgenstern shows her variety. Jealous draws you in with a fast-paced, UK garage beat and hooks you with the undeniable pop melody. Just great!

Bully – All I Do

Founded by Alicia Bognanno in 2013, Bully's music demonstrates a captivating mix of alternative, punk, and indie-rock. So All I Do, the opener to their latest album, Lucky For You, delivers precisely what you'd expect: an energetic instrumental composition paired with the distinctive, raspy, rowdy voice of Bognanno.

Maria Basel – Made For This

Born in Ukraine as the daughter of a pianist and a cellist, German artist Maria Basel's musical roots are still evident in her work. Made For This is just the latest example of Basel's thoughtful, harmonic compositions, filled with subtle, soft beauty and innocent vulnerability. As if it was the easiest thing in the world, Maria Basel cracks open chests and bears open our hearts. It's haunting, daring, and comforting in sadness.