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Make It Home Alive

Edition #98 recommends fresh tracks by IAMTHELIVING, Nina West, Edwin Rosen, Theo Bleak, and ÄTNA. Get your dose of new music right here.

Rian Peters, aka IAMTHELIVING, released a compelling single with Jake Isaac. Photo: Promotional

In today's selection of new tracks, we travel around the globe, from smooth Australian jazz by Nina West to IAMTHELIVING's soulful R&B originating in Vancouver. We lay over in Germany for the haunting compositions by ÄTNA and Edwin Rosen.

The final station is Scotland, where «it's raining all the time.» But when Theo Bleak sings it, it's not so bad after all.

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Nina West – Trouble

Trouble, the debut single by 21-year-old Australian/British multi-instrumentalist Nina West, is a shimmering outlook to a bright future. The song's jazzy soul vibe invites to relax; however, the lyrics tell the story of ignoring red flags. Trouble isn't easy, but a demonstration of West's musical sophistication with her not only singing but playing the piano, alto sax, and bass.

ÄTNA – Alive

German duo ÄTNA are known for their delicate and eclectic electronic songs like Come To Me. However, in their latest single release, Alive, they sound refreshingly reduced and acoustic. The piano takes centre stage in this balladesque song, while Inéz Schaefer's voice still evocates the same atmosphere that ÄTNA's tracks usually encompass—a beautiful piece.

IAMTHELIVING – Make It Home Alive (feat. Jake Isaac)

Raised in Peckham, London, Rian Peters is now working out of Vancouver as IAMTHELIVING. Collaborating with South London's rising neo-soul star Jake Isaac, he released the compelling single Make It Home Alive. Their voices complement each other perfectly over a laid-back yet soulful rhythm. It's a song that drips like honey, immediately prompting an emotional bond.

Theo Bleak – Raining All The Time

Hailing from Dundee, Scotland, Theo Bleak released her fourth EP, Pain, on October 31. With a bit of delay, we still wholeheartedly recommend the EP's closing track, Raining All The Time. The song starts innocent, like a classic indie-pop ballad, but then erupts into a louder, rockier chorus while Bleak's voice ethereally hovers over the dark, rumbling composition.

Edwin Rosen – kontrollverlust

Edwin Rosen: Posterboy of Germany's new wave of post-punk artists and child of pandemic bedroom sound. After a surprising breakthrough with single releases like leichter//kälter in 2020 and Vertigo (2022), Rosen follows up with his second track this year, kontrollverlust. Pushing his fast-paced sound again, combined with pleading, echoing vocals, the song is another anthem for the lost youth.