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Start Again

From South London's rising neo-soul star to a Swiss gutter poet. From dreamy Swedish landscapes to soothing Scottish islands.

Jake Isaac.

Today's selection brings you a mixed bag of emotions and genres. You might enjoy the urgent neo-soul from South London or a hymn to love and Diego Maradona. But there are also dreamy and smooth tunes—electronic and acoustic.

Jake Isaac – Start Again

London's Jake Isaac, a soul singer and songwriter, returns after two years of silence with the frantic Start Again. Isaac combines soul's sensitivity with a contemporary flavour—accompanied by a pressing beat that facilitates the track’s fascinating and raw urgency despite its relatively constraint composition.

Adna – Darkness Born in Youth (Gryr Remix)

Undoubtedly, Adna's Darkness Born in Youth is amongst the saddest songs I know. However, the Swedish producer Gryr has now dressed this fragile ballad in a smooth yet vast electronic outfit. Although the remix loses some of the original's intimate qualities, it also transforms the track from a painful state of mind to a thoughtful reflection.

Darkness Born in Youth (Gryr Remix), by Adna
track by Adna

Josienne Clarke – The Tangled Tree

Unearthing earlier songwriting back home on the Scottish Isle of Bute, Josienne Clarke's upcoming record, Onliness, promises to be one of the more exciting releases of 2023. The soothing single, The Tangled Tree, gives a beautiful first impression—meandering between folk noir and a chamber-like interpretation of singer-songwriter artistry.

The Tangled Tree, by Josienne Clarke
from the album Onliness (songs of solitude & singularity)

Juri Volta – Diego Maradona

As Florian Summer, he charted with a bit cheesy Swiss german pop songs like Machu Picchu. But now, as Juri Volta, the Swiss musician reinvented himself spectacularly as a philosophic guttersnipe, a poet of everyday life. With its mixture of pop melody, stadium rock vibes, and sprinkles of Neue Deutsche Welle and Schlager, Diego Maradona stays in your ears.

King Tuff – Pebbles In A Stream

Kyle Thomas, aka King Tuff, released his latest album, Smalltown Stardust, on Friday. It's a beautiful collection of brilliant American songwriting—somewhat rough yet shimmering in acoustic beauty. Pebbles In A Stream represents the record perfectly with its layered composition of jangly guitars, nostalgic stings, and playful piano highlights.

Smalltown Stardust, by King Tuff
11 track album

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