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Edition #90 brings you fresh tracks by Jamila, The Terrys, benzii, Kraków Loves Adana, and Spunsugar.

Jamila's debut EP «Fadeout» is released. Photo: Celine Hess

Welcome to the 90th edition of Weekly5, where a wide range of musical shades await you. There's something for every mood and taste: excellent pop, rapid rock, hard beats, 80s nostalgia, and drowning shoegaze.

Jamila – 17

25-year-old Jamila, a Swiss newcomer with Palestinian roots, has just released her debut EP, Fadeout. Her work, filled with room for reflection and vulnerability, still embraces the cathartic escapism of pop—perfectly illustrated in the track 17. Jamila is thrifty, doesn't indulge in opulence, but accomplishes electrifying quality with little effort: When the driven beat plunges into the bridge, and the vibrant piano hook emerges, there's ultimate proof of Jamila's promising future.

The Terrys – Silent Disco

Hailing from the small town of Gerringong, Australia, The Terrys rip through the scene with their fast-paced, uncompromisingly energetic rock song Silent Disco. Their sound is reminiscent of indie rock's great but long-gone heyday and yet sounds surprisingly refreshing. Silent Disco instantly demands attention, lurches and skids on its breathless ride.

benzii – sweat pearls

We've accompanied benzii, one of Germany's next generation of electronica, for a while now. Since her first appearance with Commodity, she has cultivated a recognizable style of meandering voice and hard techno beats. Her latest single, sweat pearls, hits exactly this notch: The track is as dreamy as it is explicit, almost violent and scary.

Kraków Loves Adana – (Feels Like) Heaven

Maybe you're already thinking of the classic Fiction Factory song from 1984. Deniz Çiçek, the woman behind Kraków Loves Adana, slowed the song slightly down, tainted it deeper in her melancholic soundscape, and decorated it with her beautifully low voice. Her version of (Feels Like) Heaven isn't trying hard to be different but an honest homage to the original.

Spunsugar – It Never Gave Me Anything

Malmö-based band Spunsugar celebrates the traditional shoegaze sound in their new single It Never Gave Me Anything. The thickly layered darkness is omnipresent, drowning everything in its deep pool of sinister beats and raw glide guitars. Although Spunsugar is an alternative rock trio, It Never Gave Me Anything proudly displays its post-punk insignia.

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