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Dancing in the dark

Edition #4 brings you A Projection, A.A. Williams, Le Bleak, benzii, and Lowray.

A Projection released a thrilling underground hymn. Photo: Rikard Tengvall

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Now, it’s always difficult to compare the past editions. I always select the five songs that grab my attention, that increase my heartbeat. However, there are obviously weeks that stand out more than others.

You’re lucky. It’s such a week.

If you cannot be bothered to click on all the video links, there’s a solution: Listen to today’s selection on Spotify.

A Projection – Darwin's Eden

Stockholm’s A Projection were stuck in my heavy rotation for quite some time with their intriguing Transition. Obviously, I was excited to discover their latest release, Darwin’s Eden.

A Projection don’t disappoint. This track is a must-listen for everyone that loves the darkness, the foggy dancefloors, and the melancholic underbelly of the 80s. Darkwave collides with post-punk, creating a soundtrack that defies the boundaries between flickering opulence and the obscure underground.

A.A. Williams – Nights In White Satin

There’s nothing left to write about Nights In White Satin, the genre-defining hymn by the symphonic rockers The Moody Blues, that hasn’t already been written.

Countless cover versions prove that Nights In White Satin is still a milestone in music history. But British artist A.A. Williams’ addition is one of the best. She transforms the bombastic, orchestral sound into a fragile ballade – carried only by piano and voice – that cuts right into the heart.

Le Bleak – Listen to This If

“Listen to this if you want to be more popular.” London-based duo Le Bleak’s Listen to This If is a reckoning with the empty promise of quick self-optimization. Their debut single wants you to shut up and dance as an antidote to tough times.

It’s an explosive batch of old-school electronica sound with traces of house music. Reminiscent of Daft Punk, Le Bleak’s uniqueness stems from the bizarre combination of pumping beats and spoken word.

benzii – Commodity

The start seems innocent, even timid. But soon, an aggressive techno beat emerges from the abyss. Commodity is a shimmering yet sort of weird song trapped between the hasty sound and the meandering voice.

Commodity critically reflects on Gen Z’s superficial dating behaviour and booty call culture. Benzii, the 18-year-old artist from Berlin, is definitely a candidate for your watchlist.

LOWRAY – Ghost Inside My Head

Although Lowray’s Ghost Inside My Head is a fairly simple song, it takes a while for its beauty to unfold. The singer-songwriter’s latest single puts his voice centre stage while a dangling guitar joyfully fills the background.

Lowray’s singing is so present that it actually resembles a ghost inside your head. Once you’re accustomed to this creepiness, Ghost Inside My Head shows its sparkling colours.

Last week, I introduced the ‘Crewlist’. I want to thank Markus, Frank, Kate, Richard, Nico, Yannik, Barbara, Andrea, and Hans for contributing. 🙏

Together, they have curated a small playlist with songs that help you unwind after a long and hard day. Give it a listen and relax:

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