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The Smart Grinders

Soft Loft kicked off the album tour at Salzhaus Winterthur. We are diving into the band's past and promising future.

Whenever a band seemingly suddenly blows up, there are always reasons for scepticism. Most of the time, it is a mirage, a story we love to hear, but it is far from the truth. And the truth is that there are years of grinding preceding success.

So, where does Soft Loft fit in? Do they belong to the incredibly lucky ones? Or are they part of the grinders?

March 2023. Soft Loft released their debut single, Is It Me, an astounding song we featured in our Weekly5: «The subtle composition creates a dreamy yet driven canvas on which Jorina Stamm casts a vocal painting of vulnerability, uncertainty, pain, and heartbreak, delivered with haunting urgency and almost despairing emphasis.»

Soft Loft would go on to publish one single after another—each one exceptional. The EP, In Case You Still Get Lonely, was released in June. Two more singles, Rose Colored and Happy New Year.

How was this possible?

Genius Rebranding

To explore Soft Loft’s origins, we must go back in time quite a bit. On January 18, 2017, Negative White hosted the premiere of Strange World, the debut single of Ellas:

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