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reLISTEN #19: Hidden Gems

In the final edition of reLISTEN, our editor shares five songs discovered in 2023 that didn't get their spotlight in other stories.

What started in January 2022 is now ending. The 19th edition of «reLISTEN» will be the last one. We say goodbye to the format that unearthed five mostly older songs around a specific topic.

And yes, it obviously feels somewhat strange to end «reLISTEN» with the odd number of 19 editions; however, the end of the year still marks an excellent way to end things here.

«reLISTEN» has been the curated playlist exclusively available to our paid subscribers. However, finding topics to centre only five songs around became ever more unsatisfying.

Furthermore, we are extending our playlist offer, especially for our cherished paying members. Over the coming months, we will launch exclusive playlists around specific genres, moods, and activities—accompanied by regular updates and responding posts.

The first of these playlists, «Capacitor», has already been launched and features 50 invigorating electronic tracks—from dreamy synth melodies to hammering techno beats. If that's not in your line, watch out for more playlists shortly.

Nevertheless, for this final instalment of reLISTEN, I would like to share five songs that I fell in love with in 2023 and became some of my favourite tunes of the year.

Nabihah Iqbal – The World Couldn't See Us

London-born Nabihah Iqbal released her new album, DREAMER, in the spring of 2023. Unfortunately, the work slipped through the cracks, and it was only a couple of weeks ago when I encountered the song The World Couldn't See Us from said record.

The World Couldn't See Us faces straight forward, pushes relentlessly in a contemporary post-punkish beat, and creates a stunning urgency. The melody then adds a spheric melancholy, underlined by Iqbal's spoken word performance.

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