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Capacitor: The New All Electronica Playlist

Our new premium-exclusive playlist, «Capacitor», brings you exciting beats, basses, and synthesizer melodies.

Do you crave the pulsating beats that make your heart race and your feet move? Look no further: With our brand new playlist, «Capacitor», we have gathered an adrenaline-filled collection of electronic music. Fifty handpicked tracks await you, from vastly expanding ambient sounds to bone-shattering techno.

Get lost in the hypnotic rhythms, or let your mind drift away to the dreamy melodies. Whatever your preference, we've got you covered.

Frequent Updates & Exclusivity

«Capacitor» will receive monthly updates, accompanied by a short post showing which tracks left or entered the playlist. So, if you ever wonder which tracks have already been featured or missed to save a specific song, these update posts can help you.

«Capacitator» will also be an exclusive offer for our paying members. Join here with a 30-day free trial and enjoy this all-electronica playlist and much more.

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