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reLISTEN #16: Recently Discovered

We share some of our recent discoveries in today's edition—random in subject but great in variety.

Kwengface. Photo: Promotion

In most cases, reLISTEN revolves around a specific topic, like goosebumps provocation, that connects the featured songs.

However, today's edition presents itself curated by time rather than subject. I will share some of my more recent and random discoveries across different genres.

Death Of Lovers – The Absolute

Death of Lovers, a Philadelphia-based shoegaze band, draws from the darkened underbelly of the 80s, from post-punk and goth vibes. The Absolute from their 2018 album The Acrobat is a classic melancholic post-punk song at first glance. However, the quartet adds a bold saxophone to the bridge, adding a fresh flavour to the song's thoughtful sound.

Kwengface, Joy Orbison, Overmono – Freedom 2

Kwengface, a child of London's drill scene, released Freedom as part of his 2023 album The Memoir. While the original is already a force to behold, the collaboration with Overmono's Joy Orbison catapults Freedom 2 into new spheres: The fusion of drill and UK garage, supported by a rumbling bass, works perfectly, morphing the track into something enjoyable for both hip-hop and electronic fans.

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