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reLISTEN #5: Goosebumps

Five songs that instantly give me goosebumps.

In today's edition of reLISTEN, I'll share five songs that instantly make me shiver down my spine. Melodies that crawl under my skin. Voices that evoke goosebumps all over my body.

Astonishingly, not everybody will get chills when listening to the same song, a study found. Those who do were found to have "a higher volume of fibres that connect their auditory cortex to the areas associated with emotional processing, which means the two areas communicate better," the researcher explained. And yet, the scientific community isn't fully agreeing on what might cause people to shiver when hearing a particular song. Here's an interesting overview of the physical phenomenon.

The chills we get from listening to music are a biological reaction to surprise
Sometimes, our brains respond physically to a psychologically charged moment.

Even though there's probably not one song out there that provokes goosebumps for everyone, I selected five amongst many that do for me. I realised that they all have a classical instrument (piano, violin, horn) involved. I guess these elements seem to trigger my reaction.

Anyway, whether you get chills yourself or not, I hope you'll still find new musical inspiration. So my recommendation for today's edition would be to lay down, close your eyes, and simply experience nothing else but the music.

About reLISTEN

Discovering new music isn't tied to new releases only. reLISTEN is a regular format of Weekly5 where I recommend five older tracks—often around a specific subject.

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Harvey Danger – Little Round Mirrors

Little Round Mirrors was what I thought was my first encounter with the US indie band Harvey Danger. The track is part of the soundtrack for the tv series Californication. However, I only later discovered that I heard their hit song Flagpole Sitta as the first American Pie movie featured the track.

However, compared to Flagpole Sitta's adolescent and pop-punkish nature, Little Round Mirrors is a haunting beauty of sophistication. Driven by an opulent piano and Sean Nelson's high but tender voice, the song starts relatively reduced.

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