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Melodic Heartache

With «Norddeich Mole», Dennis Kiss presents his debut album. It's a deep introspection of a young, longing, and seeking man.

My 20-something self would have devoured Norddeich Mole, the debut album of Dennis Kiss. It's a brilliant collection of sad indie songs, a descendant of Hamburger Schule tuned to churn out maximal melancholy.

But can you really enjoy this tribute to longing for love and coming of age beyond a certain threshold?

Born and raised in Switzerland, Dennis Kiss first made an impression together with his band The Sleepers. In 2021, they released the album Poco Bono. The beginning and the end were wrapped up in one as they split up right after. However, in parallel, Kiss already started to work—maybe unknowingly—at his next step.

Flaschenpfand marked a new phase for the musician: He wrote a song with German lyrics for the first time. During a pandemic, shaking up everybody's life, Kiss shook up his songwriting.

Now, around three years later, Dennis Kiss lives in Hamburg and releases Norddeich Mole. It's not only an hommage to his home, Northern Germany, but a deep introspection into the heart of a young, sensitive man—and beyond, a generation that feels lost yet yearns for connection and love.

Negative White presents Dennis Kiss on Album Tour
Dennis Kiss will release his debut album on the 6th of October. Negative White presents the subsequent tour of the Swiss-German artist. Here are the dates.

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