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Helvetiarockt Wins Swiss Music Prize 2023

Helvetiarockt, the organisation fighting for diversity and equality in the music business, wins the Swiss Music Prize.

It's an important signal and a well-deserved acknowledgement of tireless effort for equality and diversity in Switzerland's music business. Awarded by the Federal Office of Culture, the Swiss Music Prizes showcase the country's musical creativity and reward aspirations for diverse and equal representation.

Helvetiarockt wins one of the three Special Music Prizes 2023. For already 14 years, the organisation has fought for the equality and visibility of women and inter, non-binary, trans, and agender people in popular music in Switzerland. On its website, the Federal Office of Culture writes:

[…] The dynamic Helvetiarockt team has not only raised awareness of the Swiss music scene, it has also moved it forward: databases such as the «Music Directory» or guides such as the «Diversity Roadmap» are constructive instruments that organisers can hardly do without in their daily work.

Furthermore, the laudatory text highlights the easy access to practical workshops and mentoring programs that span from songwriting and beat-making to DJing to inspire and encourage underrepresented groups.

With its campaigns and practical programs, Helvetiarockt emphasizes the importance of diverse concert programmes and fair working conditions both in front of and behind the stage. In this, it challenges all outdated structures and puts central issues that affect all music makers in Switzerland up for public debate.

The award further stresses the significance of Helvetiarockt's efforts and goal to «sensitise and raise awareness in the music industry». The organisation says in the official press release: «This recognition of our work sets an example for all women, inter, non-binary, trans, and agender people (FINTA) in music, as well as for feminism, for equal opportunity and the movements that go with it. We're staying tuned. And are very happy about this appreciation!»

Helvetiarockt's work is, unfortunately, still necessary, as the majority of last year's festival line-ups in Switzerland have shown.