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Malummí's «The Universe Is Black» Awarded with IndieSuisse Album of the Year 2023

The winner of the IndieSuisse Album of the Year award has been announced: «The Universe Is Black» by Malummí convinced the jury.

Malummi sitting on the grass
Malummí convinced the jury. Photo: Dshamilja Kalt

Switzerland's independent music scene has chosen the «Album of the Year» for the ninth time: This year's music prize, awarded by IndieSuisse, the association of independent Swiss music labels and producers, goes to the album The Universe Is Black by Malummí, which was chosen by a 28-member jury. The award will be presented at the m4music Festival in Zurich.

In November, all IndieSuisse members had the opportunity to nominate two releases from their catalogue of albums released in 2023 for the IndieSuisse Album of the Year and the Futuristic Perspective Award. For the latter, the members had to argue why the album they nominated offers a futuristic perspective.

Out of a total of 19 nominated albums, The Universe Is Black by Malummí was voted into first place by an independent jury of Swiss and European industry specialists. When selecting the jury, attention was paid to a diverse composition.

Following their debut album Blood (2021), Basel-based project Malummí released their second album The Universe Is Black in November 2023. It marks a departure from the quiet and soft electronic-coloured pop of the debut and ventures into a broader alternative rock sound. The familiar elements of intimate folk-pop with the distinctive, expressive vocals remain.

The Universe Is Black, by Malummí
10 track album

On the new album, Malummí applied new forms of composition and arrangement, breaking away from stylistic conventions. The new album is characterised by a captivating blend of minimalist, experimental indie rock and warm folk-pop, and explores different forms of relationships: to oneself, to other people, to society.

Influenced by personal experiences, it deals with themes such as self-love, mental health, rebirth and the joy of living. The Universe Is Black also takes a critical look at social constructs in a patriarchal, white society.