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Edition #93 brings you fresh tracks by Dolphin Love, Willow Parlo, Angie McMahon, Stilla Havet, and Löwenzahnhonig.

Sunday morning. The room's filled with the smokey smell of freshly brewed coffee. It's time to lay back and discover exciting new tunes from around the globe.

And exciting it will be with pushing songs like the fresh tracks by Dolphin Love or Willow Parlo. And if you close your eyes, you can travel back in time with Stilla Havet or explode together with Angie McMahon.

But don't worry: A Swiss supergroup will fly you smoothly back into the here and now.

Dolphin Love – i see you

In February 2022, Dolphin Love found his way into Weekly5 with the single areyougoingtobethere. But the German's latest work, i see you, operates on a whole other level: After an intro nodding at The Who's Teenage Wasteland, Dolphin Love pushes all indie buttons, creating a catchy anthem without neglecting an intriguing complexity in the composition.

Willow Parlo – Can't Get Enough

Hamburg's indie band Willow Parlo present a harbinger of their second EP, See U Whenever. The song Can't Get Enough spreads its wide and dreamy wings and carries you away, accompanied by the nostalgia-dripping yet hopeful voice of singer Noemi Bunk. There's an innate beauty to Can't Get Enough, a warm harmony of coming-of-age soundtrack and deep longing.

Angie McMahon – Exploding

There's no doubt that Angie McMahon's upcoming album will be a masterpiece. We got the first proof some weeks ago with Saturn Returning. Now, the Australian singer-songwriter doubles down with Exploding—a composition that subtly gains energy and traction. The vines of rock and pop intertwine and create a larger-than-life hymn where the instruments never overpower McMahon's deep, mystical voice.

Stilla Havet – Januariregn

Swedish musicians Elias Eriksson and August Borg, aka Stilla Havet, have released their fourth studio album, Natten. Weaving together new wave, synth pop, and post-punk, the duo's sound is obviously reminiscent of the 80s darker soundtrack. However, despite its sinister lyrics, Januarirgn also spreads an obscure sense of excitement.

Löwenzahnhonig – Moewe

Introducing Löwenzahnhonig, a Swiss supergroup by Long Tall Jefferson, Fai Baba, and Black Sea Dahu's Paul Märki. Their second single release, Moewe, is a smooth and sunny instrumental track. The musicians hand each other the torch. It's not only a peaceful sound but an appreciation of excellent guitar work. I am excited for more.

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