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Just Because I Regret It

Edition #89 features new tracks by Odd Beholder, Thumpasaurus, Les Big Byrd, Birdmask, and RABEA.

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Now, that we have gotten the administrative stuff out the way, let's dive into this week's selection.

Odd Beholder – Just Because I Regret It

With her latest single, Just Because I Regret It, Swiss musician Daniela Weidmann alias Odd Beholder announces her upcoming third album, Feel Better. The song juxtaposes a driven sound and pumping beat with Weidmann's melancholic-meandering voice, revealing the track's serious topic: the difficulty of leaving one's own problematic behaviour patterns behind.

Just Because I Regret It, by Odd Beholder
track by Odd Beholder

Thumpasaurus – I'm Cute

Thumpasaurus, a group of Californian funk lunatics, has recently released a new track called I'm Cute. Although their live performances are known to be full of energy, their music always combines an unbridled sense of wildness with elements of funk, jazz, and punk. I'm Cute is no different, with its saxophone-fueled rush of excitement and lyrics laced with sarcasm.

Les Big Byrd – I'm Living A Saved Life Now

Founded in 2011 as a duo in Sweden's capital, Les Big Byrd explore sound beyond the traditional boundaries of indie rock. I'm Living A Saved Life Now remains predominately instrumental, almost psychedelic in its expansive composition that grows throughout the song. I'm Living A Saved Life Now pushes ever-forward, yet feels mysterious and dark.

I’m Living a Saved Life Now, by Les Big Byrd
from the album I’m Living a Saved Life Now

Birdmask – Way Out

Manuel Gagneux isn't just Birdmask, but also Soft Captain, GEIZ, and—most notably—Zeal & Ardor. With his solo project Birdmask, Gagneux will release a new EP in November, and the single Way Out already gives a taste. Created as a balance to heavier songwriting, Way Out delves deep into soul—full of pain, pleas, and love. A powerful track.

Way Out, by Birdmask
track by Birdmask

RABEA – Rest In Peace

German artist RABEA has released Kingdom, a fascinating alt-pop EP, inviting us to a monumental world of captivating beats, eclectic electronica, and the cello. Rest In Peace slowly creeps up but builds up to imposing heights. Combined with RABEA's voice, the song becomes a monumental thing that will stay with you.

Rest In Peace, by RABEA
from the album Kingdom EP