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Weekly5 Will Be Free Again

The music curation format will be unlocked from its paywall.

After careful consideration, we change Weekly5 back to a free offering by Negative White. As a result, you will receive again five new songs every Sunday morning.

If you are a paid subscriber in the Weekly5 tier, we update your subscription to Premium for the remaining runtime. You will have access to the full range of our reporting.

The Reasoning Behind The Change

Weekly5 switched from free to paid at the beginning of 2023 in a push for the financial sustainability of the platform. The curations were, therefore, only available to the paying subscribers, while free subscribers received a monthly recap.

However, with the revival of Negative White, there is now a broader range of reporting besides the music curations. And our in-depth stories and reviews provide a more attractive offer for paying subscribers.

Additionally, the goal of Weekly5 was always to share new music with a wider audience and introduce upcoming artists to people who value handcrafted curations. The paywall contradicts that goal.

With that said, if you think Weekly5 provides a valuable service, you can still support the project by starting your Premium subscription today.

Specials And Other Formats

While the regular Weekly5 will be freely available again, special curations and formats like reLISTEN will remain a treat that usually paying subscribers can savour.

Weekly5 is currently still on summer break. It will return to its regular schedule on August 27. Until then, we highly recommend diving into the Weekly5 playlist: