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Bedroom Sunshine

Edition #78 embraces the misty and slightly sleepy atmosphere in music. The soundtrack for a slow Sunday morning when the sunshine gently hits the bedroom walls.

It’s rare that a regular edition comes together and unifies in a common theme. However, once in a while, it surprisingly happens like today.

This week’s five carefully curated tracks feature the perfect Sunday morning soundtrack when you feel a bit lazy and maybe still a bit sleepy, yet the sunshine hitting your bedsheets promises a beautiful day.

Photo by Trude Jonsson Stangel / Unsplash

Shoot The Satellite – Da wo die Sonne scheint

In his side project, Shoot The Satellite, Swiss artist Thomas Seidmann (Yet No Yokai) melts his experience in krautrock and kraut pop with electronic beats. Da wo die Sonne scheint is driven by a psychedelic groove, brilliant guitar work, and a feeling of longing. There’s an earthy warmth to this stunning track.

Da wo die Sonne scheint EP, by Shoot The Satellite
3 track album

Funeral Lakes – No More Now Forever

Somewhere between the hazy groove of The Velvet Underground and the 80’s captivating synth groove, the Toronto-based duo Funeral Lakes is hauntingly performing No More Now Forever. Mixing in sprinkles of folky feel with their complementary vocal duet, their latest single is slowly embroiling itself into your mind.

No More Now Forever, by Funeral Lakes
track by Funeral Lakes

Bayonne – Words

Texan Roger Sellers, aka Bayonne, is known for his experimental compositions. With Words, the US artist embraces a towering and vast piece with complex rhythms and overwhelming layers of sounds but tying all together through his intimate approach and dreaming vocals. What a wonderful experience!

Words, by Bayonne
track by Bayonne

Fishbach – Démodé (Zimmer Remix)

Zimmer, a French electronic artist, took on Fishbach’s Démodé from her 2022 album Avec les yeux. It’s a subtle remix that hardly takes away from the nostalgia lying in Fishbach’s original performance yet carefully highlights the electronic elements and adds to its composition's eternal ambience and vastness.

Addeyee – I need her

Being a sought-after live and studio musician for the likes of Linn Koch-Emmery, Swedish multi-instrumentalist Adrian Norén, alias Addeyee, also shines brightly as a solo artist. I need her is quirky, grooving, and upbeat yet relaxed and flowing—all while the track steadily grows and shortly bursts out in the end to an exciting climax.

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