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Just Have Some Fucking Empathy

Edition #66 recommends the new songs by Dream Wife, Worries And Other Plants, Eaves Wilder, Auk Nova, and Alexander John.

Dream Wife. Photo: Harriet Brown

Dream Wife – Leech

The anger, the conviction, and the energy all erupt like vulcanos that have been under pressure way too long.

After two years, the trio Dream Wife released their new single, Leech. "It's an anthem for empathy. For solidarity," the band writes. And those who have followed Weekly5 since its early beginnings already know the ferocious, rioting force attributed to this three-piece outfit.

Leech is musically restrained yet tense in verse. The tension rises as Rakel Mjöll continues her spoken voice performance: "Just have some fucking empathy!" And then the song explodes; Mjöll's voice tears itself apart, crying, shouting in pure rage.

Leech, by Dream Wife
from the album Leech

Worries And Other Plants – Heatwave Radio

A hot groove chilled by cool riffs: You can feel the heat and the refreshing jump into the water.

Last year, the Swiss project Worries And Other Plants already convinced us with the dreamy yet earthy track Waking Me Up. Dio, the man behind the ominous name, again takes the stage with a refined song.

Heatwave Radio feels like it's a time-traveller from the 70s. The song remains withheld and simple but shines in its playful execution. The guitar wanders left and right, driven by a constant groove. And yes, you can taste a hint of psychedelic rock here and there.

Eaves Wilder – I Stole Your Jumper

Sugarcoated indie-pop about female anger—what more could you wish for?

The London-based newcomer Eaves Wilder's latest track was released in October but deserves a spot here today. In I Stole Your Jumper, Wilder transports her very own way of a revenge phantasy. "It's a very British and passive-aggressive one," she explains.

I Stole Your Jumper starts energetic, powered by an almost fun-punkish combination of drums and guitar. Wilder's sweet voice does the rest. But then, she picks up the pace, and a feverish excitement flows into an ecstatic chorus. Hooked!

I Stole Your Jumper, by Eaves Wilder
track by Eaves Wilder

Auk Nova – Deep

Somewhere between singer-songwriter artistry and ambient exploration, we find ourselves surrounded by brilliance.

For many years, Valentin Kugler was part of the band Me, Valentin & You. The band translated his fragile songwriting into indie-rock and electronic landscapes. Now, the Swiss musician continues that journey under the name Auk Nova.

Auk Nova just released its record Monomorphic, a collection of astounding soundscapes. Deep is one of them, starting as a beautiful, singer-songwriter-styled composition. But more and more, it transforms into an electronically enhanced vastness.

Alexander John – Transcendental

Deep knocks, electronic swirls, and tender keys dance together under the stars.

The German pianist Alexander John worked and toured together with big indie names like Drangsal or Fil Bo Riva. But he also follows a solo path that leads him into wonderous territories with deeply emotional sounds.

Transcendental is Alexander John's latest composition. There's an eternity beneath the smooth and lovely keys of his piano. It's a track that explores the incomprehensible scale of space and time and the inner corners of our hearts.

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