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reLISTEN #8: Origins

reLISTEN #8 takes you back to the origins of Weekly5. I revisit five tracks that I recommended back in 2015 and 2016.

I started the format «reLISTEN» to recommend older songs, a clear distinction from the classic Weekly5 curation that focuses strictly on new releases. There's so much music out there that you can still discover impressive, decades-old tracks. Sometimes, I feel like a sonic archaeologist digging through the dirt of mediocre music.

However, it occurred to me that I've missed an obvious opportunity so far. So, for today's reLISTEN edition, I've gone back to the origins of Weekly5. It all started sometime in 2015 when the «songs of the week» were born as a format in my online magazine Negative White.

How does my curation back then hold up to my current standards? Are there even songs that I still would recommend today?

Short answer: Yes, and now, I'll present five of them to you. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Hinds – Easy

Wow, it's a long time ago: Although I can't remember how I discovered the Spanish female-only band Hinds in May 2016. Their track Easy was part of the 24th edition of the songs of the week, and my review lacks any depth. Later, while spending a weekend in London, I bought a vinyl of their sophomore record, Leave Me Alone, at Rough Trade East.

Relistening Easy, and Hinds in general, I realized there was a short-lived period of quite dirty, punkish-sounding female bands. And the Madrid-based Hinds caused quite some fuzz back in the day. Deap Vally and Dream Wife, who're also part of today's edition, are also part of this riot grrrl band wave.

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