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Edition #117

Today, we recommend the new songs by Olmo, Linn Koch-Emmery, School of X, Lov3less, and The Haunted Youth.

Francesco Lo Giudice aka Olmo. Photo: Alina Gärtig

Olmo – You Are Here

A sparkling quirkiness sprawls from this lovely lo-fi production. Intense colours meet film grain. Olmo's You Are Here is a tribute to missing someone so much that you lose your presence—finding the other everywhere and in everything. It is a beautifully composed piece of indie-folk.

Linn Koch-Emmery – Rocknroll

Linn Koch-Emmery's long-awaited sophomore album, Borderline Iconic, is here. But the song Rocknroll is not what the title suggests: The dragging, dramatic rhythm haunts this story of forgetting about the joys of life. Yet, Rocknroll builds up big like a dark Western soundtrack for a standoff with one's mind.

School of X – Bad Design

Bad Design is good pop. Danish Rasmus Littauer, aka School of X, provides a catchy melody accompanied by a hip-hop-esque beat. He reminds us that the cherished moments in life never last long enough. But the exploding refrain, underlined with rumbling guitars, makes the medicine go down easy.

Lov3less – High Life

After celebrating queer sex in MMMami Mami, Dutch artist Lov3less expands the message of joy to life itself. It is a sunny, optimistic anthem to a utopia where people meet and support each other regardless—delivered with confidence and contagious euphoria.

The Haunted Youth – Into You

The Haunted Youth are back with a new single: Into You. Part of their live shows for quite a while now, the song is a borderline cheesy admission of love by the 30-year-old Belgian artist Joachim Liebens with a lush dream-pop composition to propel Into You to ecstatic heights.

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