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Edition #107

Today, we recommend the new songs by Lov3less, Hearts, True Faith, ÄTNA, and Lost in Lona.

We are headed for a collision. We clash with glossy pop and shrieking guitars, with wobbling synths and meandering voices, with stadium-grand attitude and dark underground, with uplifting fears. There are contrasts and juxtapositions in today's songs, but underlining all of them is a passion to make it work nonetheless.

Lov3less – MMMami Mami

Glossy pop clashes with abrasive guitars. Dutch artist and activist for inclusivity and safe work in the music business Simone van Vugt, aka Lov3less, delivers with MMMami Mami a cheeky celebration of queer sex. The track rattles and shakes, stomps and punches. The bass is monumental.

Hearts – In Over Our Heads

In Over Our Heads—an honest portrayal of the mundane struggles in everyday life by four guys trying to make it as musicians. The Swedish-UK love story that is Hearts pushes the indie rock to its maximum capacity. In Over Our Heads is fast, loud, and overwhelming—a perfect soundtrack for sweaty ecstasy.

ÄTNA – Lucky Dancer

The addictive flow of Lucky Dancer's beat, juxtaposed with Inéz Schaefer's meandering voice, makes the German electronica duo ÄTNA's latest single release extremely captivating. Dreams hit the dancefloor in wafts, the sky expands with each wobbling synth line. This is the archaic soundtrack of the future.

True Faith – The Means (feat. Dutch Experts)

After their stunning single In Vain, Boston's post-punk innovators True Faith return in a collaboration with Dutch Experts. Are you ready for a collision of stadium rock-like vocalisation and post-punk's gloomy nature? The Means masters the unlikely combination exceptionally while the drums relentlessly whip adrenaline through the veins.

Lost in Lona – Lose It All

Has loss and the fears associated with it ever sounded more beautiful? Playing as Lost in Lona, Lidia Beck and Konstantin Aebli gift the world with warm indie-folk while balancing on the rope between melancholy and uplifting spirit in Lose It All. There is depth and quality in this composition, made in Switzerland.

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