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Edition #112

Today, we recommend the new songs by Luca Vasta, Mnevis, SAMAJAI, Fonella, and Stumbleine.

From the shores of Sicily to Scandinavian forests, between Swiss hills and in the streets of Bristol—everywhere springing exciting songs like spring flowers. Enjoy some straight-out-of-the-book pop music alongside experimental sounds, indie-rock, and exceptional voices.

Luca Vasta – Santa Maria

Summer is calling, thanks to Luca Vasta, half-Sicilian artist, and her fusion of contemporary attitudes and decades of shimmering Italo pop—as she already demonstrated with last year's L'Amore. And yes, you might find traces of kitsch in Santa Maria, but also a catchy hook and some bittersweet longing for the next holidays.

Mnevis – T.K. Collider

In almost eight epic minutes, Swiss outfit Mnevis takes you on a journey full of weird sounds, eclectic melodies, and addictive beats. T.K. Collider is a meditation of delays, a mediation of electronica eccentrism and fragile indie-rock sensitivities. An exceptional piece to get lost in thoughts.

Fonella – War

Found on Fonella's debut album, A Lot (Right Now), the song War begins as a hauntingly intimate piece, and every crack of the acoustic guitar is audible. But at the end, the 22-year-old Norwegian artist explodes in an overwhelming crescendo, a timid indie-folk expands to a cinematic vastness.

SAMAJAI – When the Night comes

The debut single When the Night comes by non-binary Norwegian artist SAMAJAI. It does not hide its roots in the 60s and 70s sound, with the organ humming in the background, but also modern twists, a bit of Cigarettes After Sex and Khruangbin. But this all fades in the presence of SAMAJAI's outstanding voice.

Stumbleine – Cinderhaze

UK producer Stumbleine is a small legend in the ambient space. Teasing his eighth studio album, Deleted Scene, the track Cinderhaze beautifully balances quieter moments and driven parts of the composition—with the beat constantly provoking a forward movement. Dream, dance, dream again.

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