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In Vain

Edition #82 dabbles with revived post-punk sound, heavy industrial beats, and feminist rap.

For once, more effort was needed to compile today's curation as remarkably few press releases hit my inbox.

While this initially made me feel somewhat anxious, it's always an opportunity to uncover new things, as simply relying on promo agencies who already pre-select what they send to Weekly5 already creates a bias.

After a successful hunt, I can comfortably present you with a handpicked selection that features melancholic post-punk and shoegaze tunes by Boston innovators True Faith and German newcomers Hyperlilly alongside aggressive songs by HEALTH and ETOCLIT as well as a Marzalla's heavenly hymn.

True Faith – In Vain

Hailing from Boston since their debut EP in 2021, True Faith's sound is at its very core classic post-punk and coldwave. However, their single In Vain is a picture book example of their innovative spirit, with the melancholic piano melody accompanying the driven foundation and juxtaposing Travis Benson’s brash vocals. And when the saxophone starts dancing, In Vain becomes ungodly great.

In Vain, by The True Faith
1 track album

Hyperlilly – Yuma

Düsseldorf's Hyperlilly present their debut single with Yuma, a song about lovers drifting apart. Drawing from indie-pop and shoegaze, the track's impenetrable wall of sounds weighs a thousand tons and reaches sky-high. Moritz Mewes' whispering voice barely stands a chance against this towering wave of vastness. Yuma perfectly translates this feeling of being emotionally overwhelmed into sound.

yuma, by hyperlilly
track by hyperlilly


Unlike their previous Weekly5 entry, THESE DAYS, HEALTH's latest release, indeed features the LA trio's signature. HATEFUL awaits with relentless, industrial hammering, reminiscent of Electronic Body Music, carving out the distinct contrast between the violent and aggressive instruments and Jake Duzsik's innocent, almost vulnerable-sounding voice. HATEFUL is angry and unforgiving.

track by HEALTH

ETOCLIT – micdrop

Hip-hop as a valve to deal with the world's fucked-up state: Female crew ETOCLIT's second single micdrop pushes monumental beats, switches between Bernese dialect and Spanish, and drops razor-sharp lines against mansplaining. The livid, angry vibe of micdrop is addictive, the sound pure and no bullshit, ETOCLIT's flow compelling in its seamless alternation between staccato and gushing delivery.

Marzella – T'ecrire

With T'ecrire, the Swiss duo, consisting of Marzia and Ella, resurrects the grand French hymns. Demonstrating an undeniable and simultaneously irresistible vintage vibe, the song features spoken-word verses underpinned by a sacral composition coined by the spikes of choral samples. No doubt, T'ecrire is pop on epochal steroids, mysterious, preaching, and angelic—and ultimately devilishly good.

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