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Edition #105

Today, we recommend the new songs by Porcelain Id, Schmack, sad dad, One Sentence. Supervisor, and Valentino Vivace.

Extraordinary sound by Porcelain Id. Photo: Adel Setta

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In today's Weekly5, we present you absolutely exceptional works of sonic craftsmanship: From the experimental yet captivating compositions by Porcelain Id and Schmack to the atmospheric daydreams of One Sentence. Supervisor and sad dad. And if you want to dance, swirl your hips to Valentino Vivace.

Porcelain Id – Brilliant (feat. Emma)

With Bibi:1, Hubert Tuyishime, aka Porcelain id, an exceptional debut album, effortlessly blending styles and sounds to a collage that sounds as captivating as experimental. Brilliant, a collaboration with singer Emma, shines especially bright.

The song by the nonbinary Rwandan artist who works in Belgium sounds as if The Libertines landed in a smokey jazz club, stomping through wild night, arm-in-arm with the everpresent acoustic guitar and the roaring saxophone. Otherwordly!

Schmack – The Darkness (feat. Mile)

With their single Turner, Austrian experimental jazz ensemble Schmack already part of Weekly5 in 2022. Now, they are about to release their next album, In Love, and teased it with its opener The Darkness, a collaboration with Mile from rap group Sharktank.

The track is short, but, man, it is intense. Schmack's composition is hyperactive, flickering like warning lights, and Mile's flow matches perfectly to their unconventional beat foundation.

sad dad – morro bay

Hailing from the Swedish archipelago, sad dad create melancholic indie-rock tunes. The newcomers have been unleashing a constant stream of new singles since last year—with morro bay being the latest one.

The song draws from the best of dreamy indie-rock, even taps into the realms of shoegaze and post-punk, to create a hazyand escapist sound—inviting the listener to leave behind the mondane reality of daily life.

One Sentence. Supervisor – ((mush))

Switzerland's One Sentence. Supervisor sneak out of the shadows with their signature doom-and-gloom indie-rock compositions—pulling off again the juxtaposition of eerie sounds and evocative melodies.

Their latest single, called ((mush)), shoegazes towards shimmering highlights, stretches itself to borderline psychedelic lenghts, and indulges in a handcrafted dreamy trance.

Valentino Vivace – Insieme

Valentino Vivace—this man knows how to groove. Insieme, a previously exclusively available on the vinyl edition of his debut album, Meteoriti, gets now its time in the flickering italo disco lights.

The Swiss artist's track is like the sonic reincarnation of a warm VHS tape glow, the 80s brusts out of every note, and the bassline calls for another round of Negroni Sbagliato. Let's move!

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