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Community Essentials #1: The 1990s

The first edition of Community Essentials assembles some of the best of the 90s.

Welcome to the first edition of Community Essentials, where you decide which songs are featured. Two weeks ago, we asked you which 1990s song has to be on this essential playlist—and thankfully—some of you participated.

Without further ado, let's dive into what you consider the essential 1990s songs:

Pulp – Common People

Pulp, the British band formed as early as 1978, belongs to the most significant outfits of Brit Pop. Their track Common People introduced our long-time member Richard to the rising genre: «I have never been really into Brit Pop, but when I saw the video of this song occasionally on TV around 1994, I realised a new style of powerful music. Since then, I have liked Pulp.»

Deftones – My Own Summer

Vinzenz submitted Californian alternative rockers and Nu Metal pioneers Deftones. «My Own Summer is not only one of the very first and best Nu Metal songs but also opened a completely new world to me,» he writes. «The spheric singing, the high-pitched screams, the rough riffs in the verses and a chorus I am slowly sinking into capture me every time until today—and influenced at least two generations of metal and rock musicians.»

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