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Introducing Community Essentials

Sharing music with others is one of the main reasons why Negative White exists. Here's how you can be part of it.

Sharing music creates powerful memories. Photo: Wesley Tingey / Unsplash

A significant portion of the music I hold dear was recommended to me by other people. Sharing music with others is a crucial reason Negative White exists—a platform to share great artists and their work.

However, it currently is a one-way stream. We publish, you consume. It's an old-school, somewhat dusty concept that doesn't hold up in the age of digital communication.

That's why we introduce a new, collaborative format: Community Essentials.

The idea is simple: We provide a topic—for example, a specific decade—and you can share your favourite song that relates to said topic. Your contribution will then be published in a playlist and an accompanying article.

We plan to create a fresh Community Essentials playlist monthly, with the call for songs coming on the first Friday of each month.

Community Essentials #1: The 1990s

With the introduction out of the way, we can get down to business now. In the September edition of Community Essentials, we travel back in time to the age of bad taste: The 1990s.

But are the 90s actually that bad? Musically, the decade brought us Grunge, then the advent of techno, Britpop, fun punk, and last but not least, the rise of rap and hip-hop to global domination.

Which song should without a doubt be in this Community Essentials playlist? Fill out this short form below to enter your contribution. Thank you for participating.