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8 Recommendations For Mätteli Badenfahrt Festival 2023

From August 18 to 27, the festival Mätteli Badenfahrt features an astonishing line-up of local and international artists. Here are our recommendations.

The «Mätteli Badenfahrt» festival in Baden, Switzerland, features the who-is-who of the Swiss indie music scene: the country's rising stars and well-established acts share the stages alongside some interesting international acts. And you get it all for the ridiculous price of 50 Swiss francs.

We've combed through the extensive line-up and picked eight favourite Swiss artists that we wholeheartedly can recommend.

Ikan Hyu

18.08.2023, 21:00, Bühne Achtevierzg

Ikan Hyu's energetic performances are something one doesn't easily forget. The duo's explosive mix of synthesisers, Moog bass, and ravish drums, paired with a punkish DIY vibe, guarantees a sweaty and exhilarating experience.


19.08.2023, 00:00, Bühne Achtevierzg

What can we say about Sensu that we've not yet written? With her latest EP, AM___PM, the producer delivers another batch of highly danceable tracks that promises to turn any place into an exuberant dancefloor.

«AM___PM» – A Testament To Body And Soul
After last year’s EP «Numéro LDN», Swiss producer Sensu released another small collection called «AM___PM». Let’s listen.

Nola Kin

20.08.2023, 18:30, Bühne Achtevierzg

With her debut EP Fallstreak, Carla Fellinger presented the world with her new project Nola Kin. It’s hauntingly beautiful, well-balanced music for lovers and dreamers, full of bittersweetness and powerful poetry.

Soft Loft

20.08.2023, 19:45, Bühne Nüünevierzg

Soft Loft’s debut EP, In Case You Still Get Lonely, was only released in June 2023, but the band already sounds fully grown. They’re creating a safe space for the vulnerable eager to dive deep into their emotional universe.


23.08.2023, 18:45, Bühne Achtevierzg

With Damaged Goods, their second EP, and the namesake single, Moonpools made quite a splash—their sound meanders between rough indie-rock and synth-driven, post-punk-like atmosphere, between melancholy and longing.


25.08.2023, 01:00, Bühne Nüünevierzg

Nothing sounds like Tompaul: The nostalgic singing of Tom Fischer, the anticipating beats, the brass infusion that elevates their techno-style sound into the stratosphere. With Tompaul, you can rave into a different galaxy.

Dennis Kiss

26.08.2023, 17:15, Bühne Achtevierzg

Before Dennis Kiss will release his debut album in October, the young artist will present his thoughtful and poetic songs on stage. Characterised by everyday dreariness, Dennis Kiss writes pieces in a nostalgic Britpop manner.

Negative White presents Dennis Kiss on Album Tour
Dennis Kiss will release his debut album on the 6th of October. Negative White presents the subsequent tour of the Swiss-German artist. Here are the dates.


26.08.2023, 00:00, Bühne Achtevierzg

Zurich’s duo Egopusher creates an incredible fusion of ambient electronica and neo-classic sounds that defies any labelling attempt. Sometimes surreal, sometimes ecstatic, Egopusher never fail to evoke wonder and astonishment.

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