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Edition #115

Today, we recommend the new songs by Duschpalatset, Backwards Charm, KOKOKO!, Andrea Bignasca, and Binary Sunset.

Duschpalatset – Öronbarn

Sweden's indie-rock up-and-comers Duschpalatset return with Öronbarn, the first single after their sophomore record, Baby, in 2021. This addictive track, propelled by its relentless beat, executes the contrast between smooth rock vibes and Alva Nylander's angelic voice to perfection. Exceptionally good.

Backwards Charm – Stain

Taken from their new EP, A Dream About Being A Person, Austrian band Backwards Charm's Stain is a collaboration with two metal bands, Karg and Harakiri for the Sky. However, the track remains deeply in melancholic post-punk and post-rock territory with beautiful guitar melodies. A dark dream.

Andrea Bignasca – Undo Me

One of Switzerland's most captivating voices, Andrea Bignasca, returns with Undo Me. The organs underline the song's pleading notion—it's a prayer for renewal, a longing for finding oneself and motivation. In its best form, Bignasca's song brings together classic rock, gospel, blues, and soul in an emotional crescendo.

KOKOKO! – Bazo Banga

«They are scared» is the translation of «bazo banga». KOKOKO!, pioneers of Kinishasa's electronic sound explosion, share Bazo Banga as another teaser for their anticipated second album, BUTU. Bringing native rhythms together with a vast range of electronic experimentation, Bazo Banga demands attention.

Binary Sunset – Maillot de bain

The sassy attitude is undeniable in Maillot de bain by Switzerland's Binary Sunset. Fast-paced, drawing from surf rock aesthetic and DIY attitude, the track propels itself to a frantic rush, shooting out rays of excitement and sunny vibes alike. A summer hit for the indie-rock aficionado.

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