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Edition #111

Today, we recommend the new songs by Peggy Gou, Ikan Hyu, Die Eitelkeit, Laddermen, and Felizia.

From esteemed artists to newcomers, every entry in today's Weekly5 promises something unique: the will to blend art forms, styles, and genres. Bend them into new and exciting creations that simultaneously honour the existing but never reminisce about the past but look forward.

Peggy Gou – 1+1=11

Korean-born Artist, producer and DJ Peggy Gou finally announced her anticipated debut album, I Hear You, for 7th June. And we get the track 1+1=11 as an exceptional teaser—a danceable house composition featuring a trance-inducing melody, moulding an experience between dancefloor and dream. The video clip itself is one of three collaborations with Icelandic-Danish artist Olafur Eliasson.

Die Eitelkeit – Technology

Die Eitelkeit, an up-and-coming quintet from Hamburg, Germany, released their debut single, Technology. The song comes multifaceted, transforming from a slacking no-folk groove to a loud, ravaging rock part that culminates in a slowed, harrowing crescendo. With Technology, the newcomer band already displays no defiance; they will subvert genres.


Unstoppable and uncompromising—Switzerland's duo Ikan Hyu released their debut album, ❁OASIS❁, last November. Now, they're on their way to another EP, with FLAP being a first impression: a split-second realisation of potential futures flashing by and desires being wiped out within the blink of an eye. Ikan Hyu's sound, meanwhile, remains an indescribable yet incredibly intriguing blend.

Laddermen – Big City

Laddermen, a Swiss trio that celebrated the premiere of Programmed for Pleasure with Negative White, has released a new EP, And Now You're Bored. The record also includes Big City, a sombre and meandering composition full of melancholia. It's a haunting fusion of light-weight indie-rock, and the song's underlying sophistication, which demands a few listens to unveil its beauty.

Felizia – Of Stakes And Losses

Felizia is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Germany's capital. Of Stakes And Losses, written and produced in her bedroom, beautifully transitions between the colourful palette of inspirations: indie-rock's groove, pop-esque melody, grand orchestral gestures, vintage vibes, and contemporary elements. Of Stakes And Losses brings an intimate accessibility and the universe's vastness together.

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