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Weekly5's edition #85 invites you to an exciting journey featuring raw tracks, polished jewels, and defined coolness. Discover new music today.

You can look forward to today's carefully selected curation of new music. Weekly5 is all about breaking free from algorithm-picked more of the same and bringing you truly human-to-human recommendations.

My goal is to transport you to a world of music that is not just entertaining but also meaningful. A world that pushes the boundaries of what we perceive as «good music» and challenges us to expand our horizons.

Experience an exquisite range of innovative sounds that push the envelope, question the «rockstar image», and immerse you in thickly layered compositions.

Hak Baker – Doolally

What's the common thing in post-punk, brit pop, roots reggae, funk, and indie folk? The answer is Hak Baker. The East London artist's sonic innovation is vivacious, resulting in eclectic tracks like Doolally. Here, Baker embarks on a frantic, breathless, Mike Skinner-styled storytelling, mixing cockney dialect with Jamaican Patois, accompanied by an escalating composition of groovy funk guitars, howling brass, and nervous drums—perfectly rounding the notion of Doolally, slang for «out of one's mind», delving into the messy haze of East London's nightlife.

Moyka – Already Gone

In 2021, Norwegian artist Monika Engeseth, aka Moyka, was featured with captivating hymns like Stay. She returns with her undeniably Nordic approach to electronic pop music this year, releasing the second single. Already, Gone is driven by a deep, dark beat over which Moyka layers her meandering, crystalline vocals. When the melodic synthesizer enters the stage, Already Gone transforms from a thoughtful, dreamy composition to an exuberant manifesto of strength—underpinned by choirs.

J Mahon – Deadstar

Jarred Mahon, hailing from Townsville, Australia, made a bold move to Berlin in 2019 and spent the following two years composing an impressive total of 230 songs. Formerly known as Emerson Snowe, he now proudly goes by J Mahon, ready to embark on a new chapter in his career. His song Deadstar is a thought-provoking reflection on how musicians often romanticize self-destructive behaviour and the "live-fast-die-young" mentality. Despite its intricate nature, this indie-rock track is skilfully crafted and will undoubtedly linger in your mind long after you've experienced it.

Deadstar, by J Mahon
track by J Mahon

Hannah Jadagu – Lose

The album Aperture by Hannah Jadagu is an impressive mix of various genres, ranging from indie rock to soul-inspired tunes. This 20-year-old, NYC-based artist from Texas showcases her immense talent through songs that convey a sense of growing up without resorting to typical clichés. One such song, Lose, highlights Jadagu's reflective style, contrasting her smooth, pure voice and the background's heavy bass and distorted guitars. You should definitely give a go to the whole record.

Aperture, by Hannah Jadagu
12 track album

Walter Frosch – New Dawn

One of Switzerland's most promising offers regarding an amalgamation of post-punk and synth-driven wave: Walter Frosch. After their 2022 album Under A Spell, Mike Saxer and Rune Dahl Hansen don't stop releasing new music. New Dawn feels delirious, almost psychedelic, flogged by a dark-tainted bassline and enlighted by sparkling synth clinks, but primarily because of their sonic signature: a finished mix that emphasizes the overwhelming composition, further drowning Hansen's already muffled voice. As a result, New Dawn submerges the listeners deep into an impenetrable layer of sound.

New Dawn, by Walter Frosch
track by Walter Frosch

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