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Fear No Ghost

Edition #84 introduces you to thoughtful pop music, rebellious electronica, beautiful noise, and hammering beats.

Welcome to the 84th handpicked selection of new music from Switzerland and around the globe. The following curation of five fresh finds contrasts smooth sounds with rebellious and thrilling beats.

LACODA – Fear No Ghost

Announcing her upcoming debut album, title track Fear No Ghost by 33-year-old LACODA highlights the Berlin-based artist's deep and sonorous voice. It evokes an almost mysterious, sinister atmosphere yet is juxtaposed with an eclectic and layered composition full of shiny guitar escapades and captivating pop beats.

Jessiquoi – Jessiwhat

Versatile Swiss artist Jessiquoi long established herself as a landmark of avant-garde pop music with quirky electronically dominated tracks like The Addict or Popstar. With Jessiwhat, she returns ferociously, slapping us with an apocalyptic beat back alive. The track is full of unexpected twists, turns, and exciting shifts.

Fiasko Leitmotiv – Judas Cradle

Fiasko Leitmotiv, an ominous band with little known about its background, made a splash with synth-driven songs reminiscent of dark wave and post-punk tracks like Hanako. Their latest EP, A Noiseless Patient Spider, features dreamy sounds and angry, gurgling attacks like Judas Cradle—a wild, no-bullshit contemporary punk song.

Chloe Gallardo – There Will Be Blood

Based in Los Angeles, Chloe Gallardo creates dreamy indie pop compositions with a stunningly calming effect. Defamator, her latest album, and especially the song There Will Be Blood, are emblematic of Gallardo’s qualities. Combining her soothing vocal performance with a reverbing guitar, There Will Be Blood is something to behold.

Julien Bracht – Walking Alone

Techno producer Julien Bracht was featured a few times in Weekly5 and had been steadily releasing tracks. But with Walking Alone, the German artist outdid himself so far. The uncompromising beat hammer, a detached lyrical sample, the synthesizers howling through the night like sirens demanding immediate attention.

Walking Alone, by Julien Bracht
track by Julien Bracht

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