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Edition #70 concludes the year with new tracks by mantocliff, CATT, LIN, Mary Middlefield, and kitsches.

mantocliff – ocean

The Swiss band mantocliff reports back with ocean, the first music since the debut album umbilical in 2016. Synthesizers and deep bass create a dense foundation on which singer Nives Onori's voice dances like a figure skater on a frozen lake. The darkness is fragmented by rays of light, the composition's slow creeping contrasted by the vocal playfulness. It's all sloshing like waves.

CATT – I'm The Wind

Berlin-based singer-songwriter and Weekly5 alum CATT reduced for her light breakup song I'm The Wind her usual soundscape. Only an acoustic guitar accompanies her voice, often multiplied to a choir to create an overwhelming feeling regardless of the song's apparent simplicity. CATT's voice skips beautifully across the pitches, almost like the Asian-inspired violin in Lili Haydn's Saddest Sunset.

LIN – Ablution

The threatening booming in the background, combined with German artist LIN's repetitive lyrics, create a fascinating soundtrack to a ritual. Ablution washes away the patriarchal past. By miles less pop-driven than Doubts featured in 2021, Ablution is a thoughtful but gigantic opus, stretching deep down into the sonic gloom but also daring and empowering in its final climax.

I’m The Wind, by CATT
track by CATT

Mary Middlefield – Two Thousand One

Two Thousand One is like a flower slowly opening its blossoms with the rising sun: It takes some time but is also a beautiful process to behold. Mary Middlefield, a fresh singer-songwriter from Lausanne, Switzerland, creates a complex composition, slow and meandering at first, gaining ever more speed and drive, adding layers of guitars, drums, and restrained synthesizers expanses.

Two Thousand One, by Mary Middlefield
track by Mary Middlefield

kitsches – attic

Announcing this German band's second album, attic is a wonderfully contemporary take on folky pop music, enhanced with its art-pop elements. The duo kitsches brilliantly balances contemplation and urgency in its first single release, proving that Mathea Pittelkow and Moritz Holstein have a high standard in quality, execution, and sophistication. And attic ticks all the boxes with its dreamy yet stirring composition.

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