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Update on the Platform

Follow up on the latest changes to the platform that was formerly just Weekly5.

As promised in Monday's announcement, I will keep you updated on the latest changes to this platform.

First and foremost, the most significant change is the URL where you can find Weekly5 and all future content:

Additional Newsletter

Furthermore, I have set up a new newsletter for Negative White. Once you've activated your subscription here, you will receive our articles as soon as they are published.

The Weekly5 have a separate newsletter to which you're already subscribed. However, if you only keep subscribed to it, you will receive the song curation or the monthly free roundups depending on your subscription status.

Design Changes

Obviously, a couple of design adjustments have also been made to reflect Negative White's origins better. You'll notice the changes on the website or once you've subscribed to the Negative White newsletter.

New Contact Information

Also noteworthy—especially if you are a musician or music promoter—is the new contact information here. Make sure to send your emails to the correct address.

Further changes might still occur, especially around the paid subscriptions, but I will communicate them once they are ready.

If you have any questions or feedback in the meantime, feel free to reach out via email or comment below. I plan a Q&A post to answer the most urgent questions in the upcoming days.