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Swiss Musician Nemo: «I don’t identify as a man or a woman»

With his breakthrough single «Du», Nemo was hard to escape in 2017. Now, the artist is changing more than their pronouns.

For years, Swiss pop/rap musician Nemo sang in dialect and celebrated with the single Du a remarkable breakthrough. The single stayed in the Swiss charts for 33 weeks and reached number 4 and platin status in 2017.

Finding Nemo: Switzerland’s Ignorance of Non-binary People
Nemo’s victory at the Eurovision Song Contest with «The Code» highlights Switzerland’s lagging progress in acknowledging non-binary people.

In recent times, it has become relatively quiet about the rising star. However, on Instagram, Nemo broke their silence during the weekend.

New City, New Language, New Identity

Nemo moved to Berlin and started focussing on English lyrics. The song own sh¡t, released in May 2022, already signified a path towards quirky pop music, away from Nemo's origin in dialect rap sound.

The song's lyrics also hinted at Nemo's personal change and process:

And you want
Something I can’t give
Cause I’ve been lost in the middle of it
I got shit to figure out, figuratively speaking
I just need a minute for me

On Instagram, announcing the new single This Body (Release: November 17), Nemo writes: «I haven’t opened up about it publicly, but some of you already know: I don’t identify as a man or a woman. I’m just Nemo. I love thinking of gender as a galaxy, picturing myself as a little star floating somewhere within. That’s where I feel most like myself.»

Further, Nemo asks the fans for acceptance: «I hope you can accept me as I perceive myself.»

From Rapping in Swiss German to Evocative Singer-Songwriter

The artist, born in 1999, showed early talent in music—playing the violin, the piano, and drums. With a celebrated participation at the SRF Bounce Cypher in 2016, only 16 years old, Nemo jumped into public consciousness.