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Suzan Köcher’s Suprafon Returns with Impressive «Seventeen»

After five years, Suzan Köcher’s Suprafon reports back with the introspective yet empowering single «Seventeen». We celebrate the song’s video premiere.

Suzan Köcher’s Suprafon returns after five years. Photo: Marla Steinweg

What would you tell your 17-year-old self if you could travel back in time? Would you voice warnings, share concerns, or provide encouragement and comfort?

On its surface, this question is one of the overused prompts for self-reflection—and often, the results taste of superficiality. But what if one would take a conversation with one’s younger self seriously? And what if it is more an accidental conversation freed of intentionality and self-fulfilling prophecies?

The result may sound something like Seventeen. 29-year-old Suzan Köcher wrote the song thinking about someone else.

«It was only later that I realised that many lines could also be read as communication between me and my 17-year-old self. Through art, you inevitably reflect facets of yourself,» the German musician reveals.

Seventeen is not just a chance for self-reflection but a poignant turning point for Suzan Köcher’s Suprafon. It delves deep into Köcher’s emotional landscape, revealing a more personal and vulnerable side of her songwriting inspired by therapy. In many ways, it is a heartfelt return to her songwriting roots. Köcher explains:

«I started writing songs when I was 14 because I was afraid to say things and experience rejection. Music was my way of saying what I thought. When my music became more public, I backed off a bit because I was afraid of what people might think of me. Through therapy, I learnt to let go of my fears a bit and started writing much more personal songs.»

Suzan Köcher explores in Seventeen themes of adolescence: unrequited love, insecurity, and abuse of power. Despite these difficult topics, the song not only confronts past pains but also serves as a beacon of empowerment for young women.

And when I look back from where I’m standing todayI can’t believe you treated me this wayI’m glad I didn’t stay the same

In the video for Seventeen, Köcher meets with her 17-year-old ghost—not haunted but with clarity. There is a notion of tender forgiveness within the dreamy pop notes. The mellotron bits and Hammond organ add depth and texture, while Köcher’s soft, almost whispering voice takes centre stage. It’s a masterful composition that perfectly complements the emotional depth of the lyrics.

Seventeen has a more mature, refined sound—but one that preserves Suzan Köcher’s qualities: a seamless blend of psychedelic hints, krautrock vibes, and dream pop ambience spread gently on a cinematic canvas.

After half a decade, the song is a stunning return to the stage for Suzan Köcher’s Suprafon, captivating attention with emotional depth and melody. And it is a promising herald of their upcoming new album, scheduled to be released in October 2024.