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I Switched From Spotify To Apple Music. Was It Worth It?

Spotify is the obvious choice for anyone looking for a music streaming service. However, the company often annoys me despite their undeniably great product. So I tried to switch it up.

About two years ago, I wrote a piece about Spotify and the power of their product regarding design, where I compared the streaming primus with Apple Music. The conclusion then was easy: Spotify has simply the better experience.

However great the product might be, I still dislike the company. The decisions they have made in recent times are at odds with my values as a music enthusiast. Their payout model is abysmal. And yet, as someone writing about music and curating playlists, there is no way around the green goblin.

Also, as a music writer, I already pay for many music subscriptions: Spotify Duo (for my personal and Negative White’s account), Apple Music, and YouTube Music (bundled in with YouTube Premium). They amount to about $60 monthly—not an insignificant amount.

Having this arsenal of streaming services at hand, I once again started the journey of switching my primary service: Goodbye Spotify, hello Apple Music. It has been about a month, and here is what I learned.

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