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Cheering and Boiling in Zurich

Son Mieux packed the small club Exil in Zurich and turned up the volume and heat to the maximum.

It would get tropically hot on this rainy Thursday night. And a surprisingly large and heterogeneous crowd rushed under umbrellas to the club Exil in Zurich. An evening with Son Mieux was about to go down. The band's heavily disco-styled sound attracted young and old, fashionable and boring business casual, united in their search to flee the dreary everyday life for a short moment.

Then again, the pull of Son Mieux is not too surprising. In the Netherlands, their home country, they will soon play their first stadium shows. A success like that is always going to spill over to other countries.

In the interview with Negative White, however, Son Mieux's mastermind, Camiel Meiresonne, looked forward to the more intimate shows on their European tour: «We can be a band with a big show and grand gestures. The gigs in Holland have become huge, so it's fun to play smaller venues again and find these smaller moments of intimacy.»

Asked what people might expect from their show in Zurich, Meiresonne said what he would sort of repeat on stage later: «We want people to feel that they can simply be whoever they want and feel whatever they want for that night. Life is everything between happy and sad, and I hope our concerts can be a place where you can feel all of it.»

But first, it was on Pat Burgener's shoulders to get the audience cooking. The active professional freestyle snowboarder from Lausanne, Switzerland, has been setting up an alternative career path in music since 2014 with remarkable success. And a portion of the crowd came just to see him.

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