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Ciao Mi Amor

Edition #52 brings you new tracks by Sofia Portanet, Metric, Friska Viljor, Sensu, and Melodiesinfonie.

In today's edition, you'll find your daily dose of addictive pop music by Sofia Portanet and the quirky folk of Friska Viljor. The electronica aficionados may find pleasure in Sensu's latest release. Epochal sound is provided by Metric, while Melodiesinfonie huddles the soul with warm and sleepy tunes.


Sofia Portanet – Mi Amor

In the last edition of 2021, Sofia Portanet was introduced with her song Real Face. The song was surprisingly heavy on pop hooks, direct in its approach, and with a hymnic quality. Now, the German artist, who recently collaborated with metal legends Kreator, returns with the driven Mi Amor.

One kiss, then a thousand lies
You really thought I'd be so blind?
I won't spill my love no more
Say goodbye, ciao mi amor

In contrast to the first singles, Freier Geist and Wanderratte, Portanet pivots again away from a somber ambiance and the poetry-inspired cryptic lyrics like in Real Face. Instead, Mi Amor's message is stamped in bold letters, underlined by a driven rhythm.

However, compared to Real Face, Sophia Portanet fully unleashes her vocal brilliance, the full range of registers, carrying the indie-pop sound to opera attitude.

Friska Viljor – My Own Satan

Sweden's quirky folk duo Friska Viljor have released a new record. After processing a difficult time on Broken (2019), Don't Save the Last Dance features eleven songs that are distinctively within their signature sound.

And the album's opener, My Own Satan, already makes it very clear what you can expect from Daniel Johansson and Joakim Sveningsson. The track is an exciting and fast-pasted jewel, full of the sonic playfulness that makes Friska Viljor's music instantly recognizable. The banjo hook is a firework of good mood.

But beneath the cheerful sound, My Own Satan's message is more serious, talking about the difficulty of making good decisions in our society. "Everything around us is set up to serve the ego. And every time you realize that you have failed again, you look for someone else to blame instead of pointing the finger at yourself," Johansson explains.

Sensu – Both Sides (feat. Denyher)

You might remember Sensu from her exquisite remix of NOTI's hooked, featured back in January. The Swiss producer is about to release an EP in June, Numéro LDN. After gaining traction with Pink on BBC Radio 1 or Triple J, Sensu collaborated with English rapper Denyher to create Both Sides.

The raw sketches for Both Sides have been sitting on a hard drive for quite a while. So when Sensu rediscovered the fragments—generally inspired by London's urban vibe—Denyher's impeccable flow gave birth to an eclectic garage track.

Both Sides pushes Sensu again to the next level. The track has street cred without losing the characteristic electro sound. It shines bright in the dirty, sleepless concrete canyons of London.

Metric – All Comes Crashing

Founded in 1998, Canadian band Metric has carved a sonic signature: pushing rock sound, sweeping arrangements, and hymnic feeling—welded together with shimmering electronic elements. And above it all, Emily Haines' crystalline voice soars like an eagle.

Four years after the astonishing Art of Doubt, Metric have announced Formentera, their eighth studio album. With the first single, All Comes Crashing, the quartet have released a slow but stomping track "dedicated to those you consider your family, whatever that looks for you." It's a love song beyond the stereotypes.

All Comes Crashing is simultaneously subtle—especially in the verses—and daring. Haines sings seductively; then, the guitar builds the melody in the spotlight. The track constantly swings from intimacy to infinity.

Melodiesinfonie – Devoodrifte

Zurich-based artist Kevin Wettstein, aka Melodiesinfonie, has racked up an impressive international following. With the smooth nature of his sound, combining hip-hop, jazz, and psychedelic elements, Melodiesinfonie's music is a staple of artistic easy listening.

Devoodrifte is Wettstein's latest song release, featuring a dreamy atmosphere and minimal Swiss German lyrics. The composition feels like a warm summer breeze on your skin while you watch the sunlight-issed leaves of the trees through squinting eyes.

There's again the psychedelic quality in Devoodrifte that instantly takes you far away. It's a song to close your eyes and open your mind—the soundtrack for daydreaming.

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