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New Project Aims to Support Swiss Newcomer Artists

The project «riser» seeks to bring the spotlight onto up-and-coming artists and bands in Switzerland with a fresh approach.

Young musicians and bands trying to take their careers to the next level often struggle to find stages to play and grow their audience. Exacerbated by the pandemic, this situation leads too many artists to stop pursuing a professional music career.

With «riser», a new project seeks to counteract this trend. It uses already-established artists' spotlight and network effects to promote Swiss newcomers. The offer to the audience is simple: Come for the famous name, discover a new one.

It's hardly a revolutionary idea as supporting bands always profited from the main act's publicity. However, «riser» gives it a fresh spin, a focused and decisive approach to further newcomers' careers.

Two Formats Are Planned

The project is split into two different formats:

  • riser.AMP (short for «Amplify»): Established artists and bands (Knöppel, KT Gorique, Nativ, Crème Solaire, I Used To Be Sam, Crimer, Marius Bear) choose two young, up-and-coming artists and create a show together with them. The rising artists are not overshadowed but are part of a joint performance. By working together with more established artists and bands, the attention of the rising artists is increased.
  • riser.FAV (short for «Favourites»): The «Favourites» selected by more established artists and bands perform on their own. Shows are also organised in which several different rising artists perform together. This emphasises stylistic diversity and promotes exchange with each other and with concert organisers.

Although established artists usually approach participating newcomers, they can also apply on the project's website. Participation is—expectedly—free of charge, and bands will receive an appropriate fee for their performances.

A Non-Profit Association With Established Players

«riser» is a non-profit association based in Zurich and Fribourg. It's run by renowned names in Switzerland's music business like Pascal Vonlanthen, musician, co-leader and founder of La Gustav or Stipe Svalina, partner and managing director of EXIL Club, co-booker and communications manager of M4Music Festival.

As participation is free and the performance fees also need to be paid, the project is supported by sponsors.

Several Shows Are Lined Up

The project has already lined up many shows in both formats. They will work as proof of concept and inevitably decide on the project's sustainability and success.

The project's kickoff will be on May 25 at Exil Club in Zurich. In the format «riser.AMP», Swiss punk veteran Jack Stoiker and his band Knöppel will perform with Mamba Bites from Neuchâtel and Fluffy Machine from Valais.

More dates have been announced, but most artists still need to be communicated. An up-to-date list of all the concerts can be found on the project website.