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reLISTEN #4: Press Play

Five songs I discovered thanks to video games.

Photo: Anwar Hakim / Unsplash

The most influential time for one's taste in music is the age between 13 and 14, whereas «childhood influences are stronger for women than for men.» It was a finding of Seth Stephens-Davidowitz when he analysed Spotify data. It's hardly surprising that adolescence shapes our personalities in many areas, not just our taste in music.

5 Songs that influenced me
I present five tracks that heavily influenced my taste in music and – maybe – also my personality.

However, a more intriguing question remains: Which relationships, media, or experiences shape what we come to love certain songs? We all have a couple of tracks that are inseparably connected to other people or specific moments in our lives.

There are many taste-shaping experiences I could further explore. However, the following five tracks share one characteristic that brought them into my consciousness: They're all part of video game soundtracks.

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Edition #105

Edition #105

Today, we recommend the new songs by Porcelain Id, Schmack, sad dad, One Sentence. Supervisor, and Valentino Vivace.

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