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reLISTEN #9: Childhood

Some songs take us back in time. In reLISTEN edition #9, I present five songs that let me stroll on memory lane and reflect on the tricky nature of childhood heroes.

Music shares a unique quality with taste and smells: It can bring you immediately back to a specific time in your life, moments, experiences, and people. For me, this quality is a constant source of intrigue and fascination.

Last year, I already curated five songs that had a massive influence on my taste in music:

5 Songs that influenced me
I present five tracks that heavily influenced my taste in music and – maybe – also my personality.

Today, however, I'd like to share five songs from my childhood that have this time-travelling effect on me. And if you were also born around 1990, you might experience the same.

Unlike the usual description, background information and analysis, I'll share some memories associated with the individual tracks: from the first erotic fantasies and slow-dance with school crushes to heroes, drugs, and weird ideas of masculinity. So this will be again a quite personal edition of reLISTEN.

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