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reLISTEN #15: Rocking Teenager

In this edition, we revisit five classics from the golden era of rock music. Songs I've discovered in my teenage years.

The Doors
The Doors. Photo: Promotional, Public Domain

Teenage years will eventually influence the rest of your life—and it's especially true for one's taste in music. Starting around 2004, I began to explore the vast archive of rock's most significant era, discovering the all-time greats.

In this edition of reLISTEN, I will be revisiting five classic songs that I used to listen to repeatedly during my teenage years. I'm curious to explore why these songs, which are now decades old, used to captivate me.

Bob Dylan – Hurricane

Obviously, my first contact with Bob Dylan was Blowin' In The Wind; however, it was Hurricane from the 1976 album Desire that drew me entirely into Dylan's kaleidoscopic universe. The song's urgency and anger—represented by the, for the artist, unusual pace—are fascinating.

As one of his few protest songs in the 1970s, Hurricane examines the racist trial of Afro-American boxer Rubin «Hurricane» Carter while entailing all of Dylan's traits: powerful storytelling, wild rock music, the signature harmonica, accompanied by a whirling violin. Yet, it's a far cry from Dylan's early folk roots.

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